R.I.P wallet!

We thought Japan had the edge on stylish and desirable Starbucks mugs and cups, but that was only until Starbucks shops in China released their beautiful spring cherry blossom collection. We loved their cat-paw glasses so much that ever since they went out of season, we’ve been eagerly waiting for whatever they’ll come out with next.

Well, friends, summer is here, and last month, Starbucks China rolled out a new collection of perfectly precious products featuring some of the world’s most adored creatures–raccoons, squirrels, sloths, and of course, alpaca. Each animal, which is featured on accessories like tumblers, glasses, and mugs, is given soft, rounded forms and painted in pastel colors to make them as cute as possible, and that’s why you’re going to want every single one of them, starting with these absolutely adorable coasters.

They’re round, except for where their tails stick out, and are painted to look like each animal lying on its back, holding some kind of fruit. Each one’s head is also sticking up so it can smile up at you sweetly, just waiting to take care of your drink for you. You’ll almost feel bad putting your hot cup of coffee on top of it!

We also really love the thermos bottle that comes with four interchangeable animal heads. You can switch it up depending on your mood…alpaca today, sloth tomorrow!

Or how about this tea cup whose lid features a sweet little raccoon with a rainbow, that comes with a built-in tea leaf strainer in the shape of a strawberry?!

There’s an alpaca option too, which is equally adorable, but if sloths are what you love the most, then you absolutely must get the glass mug that has a pineapple-hugging sloth on it. It even looks like it comes with its own personalized coaster in which the raccoon and the squirrel make an appearance. What more could you want!

And if you’d rather have something with a squirrel on it–and who would blame you?–there’s this super cute ice cream cone tumbler, which has a little tiny squirrel on top instead of a cherry. I’m sure that, once you pour a drink in there, the cone will almost look real, which certainly adds to the charm.

If you can’t decide on just one animal, there are plenty of options that offer all four or a combination of them, so don’t you worry, there’s something for everybody. These products fall under Starbuck’s China’s “limited time offer” line, so if you’re planning a trip to China before the summer is over, stop by one of China’s many shops and pick some up before they’re gone. I’m willing to bet they’ll make excellent souvenirs!

Source, images: Starbucks China
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