We’ve been waiting for the new cafe-themed Pokémon mobile game to be featured in the real-life Pokémon Cafes!

Have you been playing the new Pokémon mobile game Pokémon Café Mix? It’s a really cute, casual puzzle game where you clear Pokémon icons to make coffee and food for Pokémon customers. It’s fun to unlock different dishes and meet and level up new Pokémon customers and staff, and on top of that, the art is really beautiful.

Unfortunately, one side-effect of the game is that you might get hungry playing it, since the food served in the game looks so tasty! But don’t worry, if you’ve been wanting to try some Fluffy Eevee Pancakes or a Cheesy Rowlet Pizza, now’s your chance! The Pokémon cafes in Osaka and Tokyo will be serving Pokémon Café Mix-inspired menus for a limited time starting on August 8.

The limited-edition Pokémon Café Mix menu will include game favorites like the Burnt Caramel Vulpix Sundae (1,298 yen/US$12.16), which is made of a chocolate cake shaped into Vulpix’s head and tail, vanilla ice cream, fruit, and of course, caramel, burnt special for each order by a Vulpix’s Ember.

There will also be new menu items that haven’t appeared in-game yet, so you can get a taste of the dishes that will be added in an upcoming update! The Gossifleur Salad Plate (1,848 yen) is one such offering, which is a salad and soup plate full of veggies.

This Colorful Sneasel Pickle Burger (1,848 yen), made with teriyaki chicken and cheddar cheese and topped with a tartar sauce, is also a sneak peek at what’s to come in Pokémon Café Mix.

Make sure you bring your phone or your Nintendo Switch with you when you go! In order to order from the special Pokémon Café Mix menu, you have to show the staff your Offerings List in the game. Plus, some items are limited to only those who’ve cleared certain levels; for example, you’ll only be able to order the Nutty Buneary Frappe (1,188 yen) if you’ve passed Order 21.

And if you want to try the adorable Yamper Yummy Pasta, you’ll have to make it past Order 31! The Pokémon Cafe is really dedicated to making sure its customers are true Pokémon fans, since they sometimes have special requirements for regular menu items, too.

This special menu will be available at the Nihonbashi Pokémon Cafe in Tokyo and the Shinsaibashi Pokémon Cafe in Osaka starting on August 8 and will only be around until November 23. So make sure you bring your game with you to a have a swell Pokémon Cafe time before it’s gone!

Source, images: PR Times
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