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We’ve discovered a seriously bizarre-looking offering from high-end German stuffed toy maker Steiff. But what exactly is it? Apparently, it’s a Teddytaur!

If you love all things cute and cuddly, you’ve probably fantasized at one point or another about collecting the valuable and exquisite dolls from the famous German manufacturer, especially their celebrated teddy bears. But this particular doll, which one of the reporters from our Japanese sister site Pouch found on premium toy retailer TARGA’s online shopping site Steiff Shop, has us mesmerized and also a bit bewildered as well, as we wonder what to make of its unusual appearance.

So, what is this doll supposed to be? They’re calling it a Teddytaur, which is a combination of a teddy bear and a centaur, as in the centaurs of Greek mythology, who are half human and half horse.

Well, we have to say that’s certainly an interesting concept — a half teddy bear and half horse toy. But wait, if the name is a combination of the words teddy bear and centaur, does that mean the toy is a mix of teddy bear, human and horse? We’re not quite sure what to make of the precise identity of this doll!

▼ The teddy bear part of the doll is  at least adorable!

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As unique as the toy looks, it is a Steiff product, so you can expect it to be of the highest quality. The doll is made of fine alpaca material and comes with wires inside the legs, allowing you to adjust them to a certain degree. Of course, that quality does come at a price, as the 30-centimeter (12-inches) tall toy costs 50,400 yen (US$410) on the Steiff Shop website.

Regardless of the price tag, the Teddytaur is apparently a desirable collector’s item, as it seems to be currently sold out on the site.

Hmm … who would have thought that there’s such demand for a teddy bear – horse hybrid collectible doll?

Source and photos: Steiff Shop (edited by RocketNews24)
Original article by: Anji Tabata
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