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Two weeks ago, we were blown away by the Oathkeeper Keyblade created by the talented blacksmiths and craftsmen over on the YouTube show Man At Arms: Reforged. After binge-watching all their previous episodes, we drummed away at our keyboards, waiting for their next beautiful piece to show up, and when it finally did, we weren’t disappointed.

This week the team crafted the holy sword from the mega-popular series Fate/Stay Night.  Spoiler alert, the finished Sword of Promised Victory looks absolutely stunning and incredibly deadly.

It’s obvious from the very beginning of the video that there are some big Fate/Stay Night fans in the workshop and that this project means a lot to them.

Master armorer and engraver, Ilya, explains how he decided to forge his own steel and incorporate other metals to represent the rest of the six noble spirits in the series: medieval arrowheads for Archer, a Viking-style axe for Berserker, Scythian bronze arrows for Caster, farriers nails for the Riders Chariot, medieval spearheads for Lancer, and katana tips for Assassin.

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Ilya even went the extra mile by using medieval tools to recreate the blade. Only a true fan would go so far so you know his patience and attention to detail will make the finished product authentically awesome.

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The sword looks just like its anime counterpart so the only thing left to do is to run the weapon through the customary testing gauntlet of food and drink that look undeniably fantastic being destroyed in slow motion.

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Man At Arms: Reforged comes out with new pieces inspired by TV shows, video games, and movies every other week and we are already counting down the days until their next episode. Be sure to leave comments on their YouTube page and video if you have ideas for weapons you’d like to see made.

Source: YouTube/AWE me
Top Image: YouTube/AWE me, TYPE-Moon wiki (edited by RocketNews24)
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