Fate/stay night

Brand-new Tamagotchi saluting Fate anime/video game series, the Extellagotchi, is on the way

You can raise more than 30 Servants with this special virtual pet that can only be obtained one way.

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A lovely leporine line of FGO passion.

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Fate/stay night and Axe body spray partner up in attempt to make anime fans smell nice

When Fate fans find themselves sweating with excitement, Axe wants to be their humble servant.

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Dark figure version of Fate anime’s heroine is absolutely amazing and simply scary 【Photos】

Is it your destiny to own this Saber alternate created by the character designer from a different anime franchise?

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These chicks have something they really want to get across to Fate/Stay Night’s Saber【Video】

If only she would stay still and listen to what they have to say!

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Man At Arms is back, forging the epic Excalibur from Fate/Stay Night【Video】

Two weeks ago, we were blown away by the Oathkeeper Keyblade created by the talented blacksmiths and craftsmen over on the YouTube show Man At Arms: Reforged. After binge-watching all their previous episodes, we drummed away at our keyboards, waiting for their next beautiful piece to show up, and when it finally did, we weren’t disappointed.

This week the team crafted the holy sword from the mega-popular series Fate/Stay Night.  Spoiler alert, the finished Sword of Promised Victory looks absolutely stunning and incredibly deadly.

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Be the coolest (and brokest) fan at your next cosplay event with a US$5,000 Fate/stay night kit

Even though your mother would like you to know that it’s a silly, pointless hobby to spend your time trying to dress up like video game characters, and also, would it kill you to bring a girl home once in a while, Mike, instead of staying in your room all day reading those weird Japanese comic books?, cosplay is actually kind of hard work and requires a lot of commitment.

Sometimes that commitment comes in the form diligently researching every detail of a character, up to and including freeze frames from films and anime to get every dent, scratch and imperfection in your costume just right. Sometimes it’s commitment in the form of slaving away over the plastic pieces of your storm trooper outfit to ensure they fit together perfectly and are comfortable to wear and are appropriately badass.

And sometimes, it’s in the form of dropping the equivalent of a used car in cash to just buy a pre-made kit.

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