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Even though your mother would like you to know that it’s a silly, pointless hobby to spend your time trying to dress up like video game characters, and also, would it kill you to bring a girl home once in a while, Mike, instead of staying in your room all day reading those weird Japanese comic books?, cosplay is actually kind of hard work and requires a lot of commitment.

Sometimes that commitment comes in the form diligently researching every detail of a character, up to and including freeze frames from films and anime to get every dent, scratch and imperfection in your costume just right. Sometimes it’s commitment in the form of slaving away over the plastic pieces of your storm trooper outfit to ensure they fit together perfectly and are comfortable to wear and are appropriately badass.

And sometimes, it’s in the form of dropping the equivalent of a used car in cash to just buy a pre-made kit.



This is a premium quality cosplay kit that recreates the outfit of anime and manga character Saber, from a franchise called Fate/stay night, that will run you a cool 550,000 yen (or about US$4,580). That’s more than any one of these 19,384 used cars that a shady anthropomorphic fox with no pants on will sell you.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and pretend I know what Fate/stay night is or what kind of character Saber is because I don’t want to incur the wrath of fans in the comments section by accidentally saying something wrong about it, thus revealing my lousy research skills. Suffice it to say, it’s a fairly popular anime/manga/anime film/light novel/erotic computer game (?!) series with at least a few characters, like Saber, decked out in medieval garb.


But that’s not the point. The point is, this is eye-wateringly expensive. This particular cosplay set is complete with blue dress, high quality breastplate, gauntlets and greaves, with each piece ranging from 80,000 yen to 170,000 yen for around the grand total of the price mentioned above.

We’re not saying this cosplay set is the most expensive cosplay costume ever built—in fact, some of the real elaborate stuff we’ve seen over the years probably cost several times more than this—but it’s certainly an impressive amount. Still, it looks pretty damn cool and will certainly make you a contender for best costume at the next cosplay event, which you will probably need a ride to, since you sold your car to that shady, pantsless fox.








Source: My Game Newsflash
Images: Cospatio