You can raise more than 30 Servants with this special virtual pet that can only be obtained one way.

The parts of our brains devoted to mid-’90s pop culture nostalgia flared into activity earlier this year when we first found out about the brand-new Tamagotchi line inspired by the Evangelion anime series. But the virtual pet pioneer isn’t done teaming up with otaku-loved franchises, and now it’s joining hands with one that only got started well after the initial Tamagotchi craze died down.

Fate/Extra, part of the complexly sprawling Fate franchise of video games and anime, is currently marking its 10th anniversary. As part of the festivities, Fate/Extra follow-up Fate/Extella and its sequel, Fate/Extella Link, are getting a bundled re-release called the Fate/Extella Celebration Box that also includes the Extellagotchi.

▼ With at least eight “Fate/something” arms of the franchise, it’s surprising to see it misspelled as “Fete.”

An official tie-up with toymaker Bandai’s Tamagotchi brand, the Extellagotchi allows you to raise a Servant, as Fate franchise’s magical warriors are known. Given that the Fate franchise is all about violent struggles to gain possession of the Holy Grail, the Extellagotchi goes beyond the standard Tamagotchi play mechanics of “feed something and clean up its poop” and instead features an arena where you battle against monsters, who the developers say are also rendered in a charming low-res bitmap art style.

▼ The Extellagotchi promises over 30 different characters to raise, with the group shown off so far consisting of Nero, Tamama no Mae, Charlemagne, Robin Hood, Anderson, and Tsukasa.

▼ Extellagotchi announcement

Unlike the Evangelion Tamagotchi, the Extellagotchi will not be offered for individual sale, and is only available as part of the Fate/Extella Celebration Box, and thus in limited quantities. Neither pricing nor the release date for the bundle have been announced, so we’re not sure if we’ll be able to get our hands on one or not, but if we do, we’ll let you know if we do any better raising our Servant than the lackluster parenting job we did with our Eva Angel.

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Top image: Fate/Extra 10th anniversary website
Insert images: YouTube/TYPE-MOON studio BB, Fate/Extra 10th anniversary website
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