We here at RocketNews are a soft bunch at heart. We’ve been affected by tear-inducing, feel-good videos from countries like Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand, and now it’s Singapore that’s got us by the feels with a touching new clip.

Based on a true story, this commercial plays more like a short art film, with atmospheric shots and superb acting that seems too real to be rehearsed. Come with us as we take a peek into the life of a graduating high school girl who looks after two younger siblings and her widowed, wheelchair-bound father, as she sacrifices her education and future for her family. Oh, and bring that box of tissues with you – you’ll be needing it!

The video, called “Last Day of School”, hits home as it’s based on a true story that families around the world can relate to. The eldest child in a single-parent household looks after her younger siblings, takes care of her father and still manages to find time to study. When it comes to her last day at school, she finds herself at a crossroad – should she continue to further her education or start working full-time to support the family? The girl’s decision and her father’s reaction to it make our heart go out to all families in this situation.

Take a look at the short clip below and get those tissues ready because the feely feels will overflow!

Now that we’ve composed ourselves after that clip, let’s take a look at the finer points of the story. OrangeAid, the community development and involvement section of insurance provider NTUC Income, strives to help disadvantaged youths by providing support for children with learning disabilities and offering bursary awards for tertiary students in need. The difference this program can make to the lives of people like Siew Fang, the young girl at the heart of this story, is something we all want to support.

▼ Siew Fang’s father lovingly introduces us to his daughter as she goes about her daily chores: going to school, working part-time at a bakery, picking up her siblings, helping her father out of bed into his wheelchair, doing the laundry, and prepating meals for the family.


▼ Unbeknownst to her father, Siew Fang also received excellent scores in her O-level exam. Rather than jump for joy, she looks like a girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders as she puts her results away and says goodbye to further education.


▼ When her father asks about her exam results, Siew Fang lies for the sake of her family and the story takes a nasty turn.






▼ In the following days, her father refuses to speak to her or spend time with the family.


▼ The atmosphere at home remains tense until her father discovers the exam results in her room.


▼ His happiness turns to remorse and shame when he realises the sacrifice his daughter wants to make for him and the family.


▼ Out come those feely feels!






Um, where are those tissues again?


When we cry for Siew Fang and her father, we cry for all the other families out there who are struggling too. Life’s not always easy and there are times when a little help can go a long way so let those feely feels inspire us to at least one act of kindness a day!

Source: Aol News
Images: YouTube/Viddsee