Santa Bearista is here to sacrifice himself for your taste buds.

This holiday season, Starbucks has a special Christmas Frappuccino called Matcha Matcha White Chocolate Frappuccino on the menu in Japan. The green-and-white milky matcha drink is designed to resemble a snow-flecked Christmas tree, but if that’s not cute enough for you, Starbucks has just announced an additional customisation, in the form of a chocolate bear. 

Our resident Frappuccino expert K. Masami had been counting down the days until the bear’s release on 9 December, so she hotfooted it down to her nearest Starbucks yesterday to try it out. She’s not jaded by little additions like this to brighten her drink, and her mood, on a dreary December day, and when she ordered it as “a customisation”, which is what the menu suggests, she immediately smiled as she saw the staff pop it into her Frappuccino.

▼ A green matcha drink to match her green-hatted Santa bear.

Taking a seat to enjoy her beverage, she locked eyes with the bear and immediately fell in love.

The bear’s adorable, calm features helped to calm her soul, and the milk froth around its face, from being dipped in the drink, made it look as if it had a thick white beard like Father Christmas!

Being made of chocolate, the Santa Bear chocolate can’t be added to hot beverages. Like a polar bear, the bearista thrives in a cold environment, where there’s no danger of melting and every opportunity to cutely poke its nose out from the rim of your drink.

Masami was so excited for this limited-time release she even wore a red jumper for the occasion, to match her bear companion and create the jolly red-and-green hues of the season.

The bear slowly sank to the bottom of the cup as she drank her Frappuccino, and as she slurped up the last drops of her drink, both Masami and the bear knew it was time for the inevitable. Gazing at her lovingly with eyes that told her it was okay as this was the way it was destined to be, the bear slowly succumbed to its fate inside Masami’s mouth.

The bear was as delicious as it was cute, maintaining its solid texture and crunch while delivering a sweet ending to her drink. Priced at 50 yen (US$0.58) plus tax, the Santa Bearista Chocolate is waiting to sacrifice itself for your taste buds too, but only for a limited time and in limited quantities, so get in quick if you want to enjoy this beary delightful experience.

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