We should probably start a new series here at RocketNews24 featuring “commercials that are bound to make you dissolve in a puddle of tears unless you’re actually an android in disguise.” In addition to Intel Japan and a Thai insurance company’s advertisements earlier this year, these tear-jerking commercials have made us break down sobbing for a third time with a new entry by music company Tosando about a father’s very special message to his daughter on her wedding day. Whether you’re a classical music buff or not, be ready with a box of tissues nearby before watching it – you’re guaranteed to let out a few sniffles at the very least.

Tosando is a company based in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture which specializes in musical instruments, books, and related goods. It also offers music lessons, which is the focus of their latest commercial. This new commercial has become a hot topic on the Japanese web as people spread the word about its heartwarming message and tear-jerking capabilities. Tosando uploaded the 3.5-minute full version of the video to YouTube for everyone to watch, so if possible grab your family and watch it together for the ultimate viewing experience.

At the start of the clip, a man named Yasuhiro Yamanaka is called forward to give a speech at his daughter Rena’s wedding reception. But instead of coming to the front of the room, Mr. Yamanaka walks over to the piano and places a picture frame on the piano before seating himself. “Your father can play?” the groom asks Rena. “No,” she replies with a puzzled expression.


▼ Rena shakes her head when her new husband asks if her father can play the piano.


▼ Mr. Yamanaka seats himself down at the piano. Note the mysterious picture frame to his right.


▼ Rena looks on in confusion


As her father begins playing Pachelbel’s Canon, Rena whispers “Stop…stop,” in her head as her eyes fill with tears. “Why does it have to be THAT song?


▼ Rena instantly recognizes the song and her eyes brim with tears.


Suddenly, the scene switches to the past and we see a younger Rena and her father listening on as her mother plays Pachelbel’s Canon at home. The video then begins to alternate between the past and the present. The present Rena bursts into tears as her father continues playing awkwardly. “It’s too clumsy. You need to play that part softer,” she thinks. In the past, we see Rena’s mother teaching her how to play the song.

▼ Rena watching her mother play in admiration


▼ Her father’s awkward rendition of the song only makes Rena cry harder.



Next, we see a scene of an older Rena and her father returning from her mother’s funeral, and witness her leaving the house. Her father stares wistfully at the piano and a family portrait. Rena of the present again comments, “You’re so terrible at playing it.”

▼ Rena’s mother has passed away.



▼ Rena helps her father in spirit by playing from her seat


In the not-so-distant past, Mr. Yamanaka is then seen walking outside when he spots a piano classroom from the street. Before we know it, he’s inside and learning how to play himself.

▼ Mr. Yamanaka is giving his all to learn the song that was so special to his wife and daughter.



Back at the wedding reception, her father stumbles and the room is silent for a moment. “Keep trying, you can do it, Dad,” Rena urges him on in her mind. We finally see the other side of the picture frame that he placed on the piano earlier, and it turns out to be a portrait of his wife/Rena’s mother. We see one last glimpse of the whole family together in the past before the scene fades away to applause at the wedding reception. At the end, we see a simple slide with a powerful impact that reads “Music transcends words.”

▼ Rena’s mother is surely watching over them.



▼ “Music transcends words”


▼ One last look at all three members of the family together


We’ll be shocked if this touching video clip doesn’t inspire more people to take up the piano, or at least the study of some form of music in the near future. In the meantime, you’ll find us lingering at the local music school…

Source: IT Media
Images: YouTube