Instead of catching his good side, she turned him into a beautiful blur.

Is there anything cuter than when little kids get really enthusiastic about their parents’ hobbies? You can try to cultivate interests in your kids early on, but hearing them express “I want to try that too!” by themselves is a sure-fire way to get the emotions flowing. We imagine hobby photographer @photo_lens_com felt similar delight when he was out on a walk with his own daughter, and she asked to take a turn pressing the shutter.

▼ Good, old-fashioned family bonding (translation below)

“We were on a walk this morning, when [my daughter] said…
‘I wanna take some photos too! Let me have a turn!’
So I let her borrow the camera, a [Nikon SLR] D600 with a 85/1.8G lens.
Here’s how it turned out.”

Let’s get a closer look…

▼ What a beautiful bridge!

Due to the lens on the camera, which is primarily used for specialized portrait shots, the bridge behind her father is captured in exquisite detail. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for her father…who has turned into a comical, blurry cut-out against the rich backdrop. Oh, dear!

Commenters were naturally delighted:

“It really feels like she’s saying, ‘oh, you thought I wanted to take your picture? No, I’m only interested in photographing the scenery.'”
“Beautiful photo of the scenery!”
“The shot may be out of focus, but you can’t fault the composition!”
“You can tell that’s a good lens. It produced a gorgeous picture even with all the blur.”

@photo_lens_com, who runs a website dedicated to his photography captured in all manner of different lenses from the past 70 years, responded with good humor to the viral success of this photo — especially considering how unflattering the photograph in question was. He added some fun tidbits about how he shares his hobby with his daughter further down in the thread.

“This tweet got far more attention than I expected, so here’s a little press release, I guess?
My daughter usually takes pictures with her personal digital camera. We both think of her COOLPIX W100 as a treasure, filled with three years of memories.”

He then shared pages from his website where he and his daughter evaluate her adorable pink camera, and a very early post of her aged just one-year-old, stacking his camera lenses like building blocks.

It sounds like his daughter is well on her way to being a great photographer. Who wouldn’t learn to love photography from a devoted dad like this one?

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Source: Twitter/@photo_lens_com via My Game News Flash
Images: Twitter/@photo_lens_com

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