In Japanese, one word for slouching or stooping over is nekoze or “cat back,” which is a term I never really understood until now. For years (maybe even longer) we humans have been deceived by these creatures into thinking that they’re elegant as they smoothly jump to impressive heights and stealthily crawl along the ground into narrow spaces.

But when it comes time to stand on two legs like you or I often do? Bah! Cats have all the grace and poise of one of those damn teenagers who listen to Ray Parker Jr. on their boomboxes and play Burger Time all damn day on my lawn.

▼ “What…this guy is way cute lol”
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Even though it’ll never be crowned Miss America with such posture, this cat’s charm is still winning over all who gaze upon it. Comments were littered with cries of “Gyaahh!” and a few coherent sentiments like:

“It looks like the kitty is about say something at any moment.”

“[as cat] ‘Huh, whoa…sorry, forgot I was pretending to be a cat for a moment there.'”

“I’m still waiting for my kid to do that.”

“It’s like a totem pole of cuteness. I want it!”

While these people had succumbed to this cat’s vertical powers, I remain unsatisfied. Heck, I’ve been standing upright for a good chunk of my life and have yet to receive anywhere near 20,000 retweets like the cat haaaas….Aw GYAHHHH!!! Look at how it asks for food or something!

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Source: Twitter/aya_kinako_cvs via Hamusoku
Top image: Twitter/aya_kinako_cvs (edited by RocketNews24)