Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met Russian President Vladimir Putin at the U.N. headquarters in New York on September 28 to discuss advancing negotiations on long-standing territorial disputes between the two countries.

Rather than focusing on politics, however, netizens have been focusing much more on the fact that, having arrived late to the proceedings, Prime Minister Abe performed an adorable little shuffle-jog straight towards the Russian prez. So adorable, in fact, that some Chinese netizens have completely reversed their initial impressions of Prime Minister Abe, and now apparently think he’s the last word in kawaii!

ezgif-1753138356GIF via Jin

If you haven’t seen the moment Abe met Putin, be sure to check out the video below so you can see the full scene that’s been making Chinese netizens feel so warm and fuzzy.

After seeing the clip being circulated online, Chinese netizens immediately dove for their keyboards to express their new-found appreciation for the Japanese prime minister:

“He’s showing a proper Japanese decorum after having kept his partner waiting.”

“Abe’s little smile is so kawaii! So moe!”

“I think I’ve become a fan of Abe now!”

“Chinese politicians could learn from his humble demeanour.”

“Putin’s little smile is kind of adorable, too!”

“Putin seems like the kind of guy who could wrestle a ferocious bear, so his little smile here is even more cute!”

“Smart of Abe to be cautious after keeping a grumpy Putin waiting.”

Well, it’s nice to see politicians getting along!

Source: Jin115 via Record China
Featured image: RocketNews24