A reminder that we are all human. And we all love ice cream.

Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, is a charismatic individual who often cuts an imposing figure whenever seen on media.

It makes sense though: politicians have to carry an air of authority. It takes a certain kind of person to lead a country, and perhaps an even greater one to maintain awkward eye contact with U.S. President Donald Trump.

▼ Abe’s obligatory smile that seldom reaches his eyes.


At times though, the stoic face of Abe seem to crack and show signs of human emotion that some people think he is not capable of. It’s during these fleeting moments that we get to witness Abe, not as a prime minister impassively signing laws and orders, but as a human just like any other.

▼ Shinzo Abe looking like an innocent little boy
who just got handed a soft serve ice cream.

▼ He does seem to have a soft spot for the icy treats.


During the rare times when he is caught taking a bite of food, Abe resembles more of a hamster than the leader of one of the most advanced countries in the world.

▼ Abe enjoying a spicy chili dog from Mos Burger.


Japanese netizens were taken by his cuteness:

“He’s really cute when he grins.”
“I want to protect his smile with Article 9 of the Constitution.”
“He’s got a very tiring job. I hope he gets to choose what he eats.”
“His cuteness is that of a pug’s.”
“That’s a good expression. Warm yourself up with something hot after that cold dessert please.”

The word “cute” may not line up perfectly with a man like Abe, but he does seems to have a softer side that people can’t help but find charming, including a shuffle-jog he employs when he’s late for important meetings.

Source: Golden Times
Featured image: Facebook/Takiichiro Hatsumura