Nintendo has a squeaky clean image. Its titles are family-friendly, and no other company does more to make quality video games accessible and enjoyable to inexperienced or casual players. The company managed to create a hit team-based shooter that’s completely devoid of the sort of violence that’s so commonly a selling point for the genre, and even its two most committed rivals, Mario and Bowser, regularly take time out from fighting to play golf or tennis together.

So you might expect Nintendo to have nothing but friendly affection for anyone and everyone, but its official Line account shows that rival Sony’s PlayStation is strictly excluded from the circle of good vibes.

Nintendo’s Line account is actually pretty cool. Instead of just spitting out corporate press releases, it can actually carry on a bit of back-and-forth conversation with individual fans. Adding another dash of personality is the fact that the account is administered by Toad, or Kinopio, as he’s called in Japan.

If you send Toad a message with the name, official or nick-, of a Nintendo system, he’ll hook you up with a photo of the machine that’s your momentary muse.

For example, here’s what happens when you send the message “Famicom” (the system known overseas as the NES), or “Su Fami” (the nickname for the Super Famicom/SNES).

TL 6

You’ll get a similar reaction for “64,” as in Nintendo 64.

TL 2

Toad is such a video game historian that he even remembers obscure bits of hardware like the Satellaview add-on for the Super Famicom.

TL 3

But even though Toad is perfectly happy to provide photos of outright failures like Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, he’s not nearly so accommodating when it comes to a certain rival company’s success story.

TL 4

People who bring up the PlayStation don’t seem to be Toad’s only pet peeve, either. He’s also a stickler for proper spelling.

TL 5

Really, though, we can’t blame Toad for being reluctant to give free publicity to the system that permanently stole so many gamer’s previously Nintendo-loyal hearts. Since he isn’t going to help us out this time, we guess we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that Sony will decide to set up a similar photo-dispensing Line account, hopefully run by Parappa the Rapper.

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