There’s nothing that says a good-looking woman can’t be a successful politician or accomplished shogi player. However, there’s no reason to expect a greater-than-average ratio of beauties in those walks of life either, so when a particularly pretty individual makes an appearance, she tends to get a lot of attention.

On the other hand, it seems like there should be a lot of overlap between the demographics of “professional athlete” and “attractive person.” Being among the best at the sport you play requires plenty of practice, and all that exercise generally results in a toned body and bright aura of healthy vitality. Still, it’s not like there’s any concrete corollary between athletic prowess and practically perfectly balanced facial features or luxuriously flowing, seemingly never out-of-place hair. That’s why this recent addition to a Japanese professional team is being called “the most beautiful volleyball player in the world.”

A native of Kazakhstan, 18-year-old Sabina Altynbekova was discovered by international media outlets while representing the central Asian nation at last year’s Asian Junior Women’s Volleyball Championship in Taiwan.

She quickly picked up nicknames including “The World’s Most Beautiful Volleyball Player” and “The Beauty of Kazakhstan.” Taking a look through her Instagram photos doesn’t yield anything that would really speak against awarding her those titles.

▼ Altynbekova, looking stylish in monochrome formal…

▼ …casual full-color…

▼ …and completing the trifecta with formal full-color.

While Kazakhstan only managed a seventh-place finish in the 15-team competition in Taiwan, Altynbekova herself impressed the management of the GSS Sunbeams, a professional volleyball team in Japan’s V Challenge League. Since August, Altynbekova has been training with the Tokyo-based squad. The Sunbeams’ official website says she has been practicing “as a member of the team,” although the final details of her contract are still in the process of being settled.

▼ Altynbekova, after her arrival in Japan

▼ On the street in Tokyo’s Shinjuku. We’re a little jealous that she said hi to Godzilla, but didn’t swing by the RocketNews24 offices just a few blocks away.

Still, Altynbekova is more than just a pretty face. Easy on the eyes as said face may be, she’s a serious athlete whose father was a professional skier and whose mother was a track star. So while as a fashionable young lady she may share plenty of photos of herself dressed in stylish outfits and glamorous locations, the newest member of the Sunbeams also spends a lot of time in places like this.

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Source: Record China