Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding yet difficult jobs one can do; on the one hand, you’re helping to shape the next generation, and you get to help kids learn and grow. On the other hand, though, kids will be kids, and you’ll always have those one or two students who really know how to get under your skin.

Even the most patient teacher has their limit—they’re still human after all. Like this Japanese high school teacher, who apparently had it “up to here” with students spitting their gum out on the floor. So what did he do? Wrote a scathing note of epic proportions and pinned it to the wall for all to see.

Twitterer @fu_kun1015, whose school appears to have a problem with students spitting their gum out on the bathroom floor, posted a photo of a very long and strongly-worded letter (or rather, a warning) from a teacher to whomever it might be that decided that spitting sticky, chewed-up gum on the floor where people walk was a good idea.


It reads:

“Who is it?
Who’s the little preschool-aged brat who keeps spitting their gum out in the bathroom?
If you tell a preschooler: ‘Don’t spit your gum out in the bathroom—throw it away in the bin, okay,’ even they understand why you shouldn’t do it, and would stop.
Is that something you can no longer comprehend once you become a high schooler? I highly doubt it.
If you’re the poor fool who thinks it’s cool to spit your gum out here, I just have one piece of advice for you:
Also, if you really feel the need to spit your gum out in the bathroom at school, then naturally, you must be doing the same at home right? If not, then…
You do realize that this school is a shared facility, don’t you?
If you’re not allowed to do it at home, you know you’re definitely not allowed to do it here. Are you? Does that make sense to ya??”

There is no denying the wrath and fury that went into writing that letter. Perhaps the teacher had stepped in some of the gum or was the one tasked with cleaning it up. Perhaps they’d just seen one too many kids acting up that day. Either way, hopefully the letter got through to the student(s) spitting their gum out on the floor.

Now, if someone could just get through to all the people here who think it’s okay throw their cigarette butts on the ground!

Source: Twitter/ @fu_kun1015
Top image: Twitter/ @fu_kun1015 (edited by RocketNews24)