jump out window 03

Missing your bus stop has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. You’re trapped inside a vehicle going increasingly further away from the place you wanted to go, you’re suddenly surrounded by unfamiliar territory, and you’re going to have to waste a lot of time just to get back to your original destination.

Still, no matter how bad it gets, most people would never even think to attempt what one Chinese woman did. After realizing that she missed her stop, she climbed out of the bus’s window to exit as quickly as possible. Read on and watch the insane video, but whatever you do, be sure not to try this at home!

The incident happened in China’s Henan Province, and surveillance cameras caught everything on tape, posted here for your viewing convenience:

▼ You know it’s an important moment of realization when the smartphone is put away.

jump out window 01

▼ The bus driver can’t open the door since the bus is in motion and appears to be on a busy street. I guess she’ll just have to sit down and patiently wait for-

jump out window 02

▼ Nope! The bus has stopped briefly so out the window we go!

jump out window 03

▼ And the planets aligned and she somehow did it without hitting something, something hitting her, the bus moving slightly, or just falling and getting injured.

jump out window 04

So my question is, what caused the woman to do this? Sure, missing your bus stop is miserable, but what would cause her to do something so extreme? Did she somehow find out her home was on fire? Did she get a call that a loved one was in a hospital? Or was the thought of walking a few extra hundred feet just so unbearable that desperate measures were called for?

Either way, to me the most fascinating part is the speed with which the woman does this. She hops out of that window so effortlessly it’s almost like she’s done it dozens of times before. While her window-escaping talents may not be appreciated on a bus, she’d definitely be my first pick if I were stuck in a burning building.

Some people may call her insane, but is she actually any crazier than someone who drinks their own pee, or who uses an umbrella-chair? I suppose only time, and internet comments, will tell.

Source: YouTube/Viral News via Zaeega
Screenshots: YouTube/Viral News