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We don’t know what it is about huge companies these days, but they really like to make us feel the feels recently. When did they all have a financial meeting and decide to spend money on making us cry? These commercials are emotional, beautiful and give us hope that even with all the bad in the world, moments of undeniable good can still be found and cherished.

Inspired by true events, this commercial really gives off a “Humans of New York” vibe even though it’s an advertisement for life insurance. Get your tissues ready because, when children show how much they care about their parents, it really warms the cockles of our hearts.

Scroll down the the highlights.

Asked what kind of super hero they want to be, this teacher’s students grab their crayons and get creative.

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The shot pans across the room before focusing in on one student, Pornchai Sukyod, an adorable, chubby cheeked boy who looks to be in a hurry to get out of class.

superhero 3

After school, the kids are cleaning their class while the teacher grades their superhero assignment. She looks rather unimpressed with some of their efforts, but stops in her tracks when she comes to little Pornchai’s drawing of “Garbage Man Superhero”.

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Why would Pornchai draw this, the teacher wonders. She goes to ask him, but he’s not cleaning with the rest of the kids. In fact each day, he has been rushing away from school to help his mother with her work because she was hit by a car the previous year while working as a street cleaner. Since she’s still in great pain due to her injuries, Pornchai wants to do whatever he can to help her out—that, it transpires, is why he dreams of becoming a garbage man superhero who is equipped with things like:

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superhero 8

superhero 9

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superhero 12

superhero 14

He wants to use all of these super hero gadgets to protect his mom from danger and bring her safely home every day. A sentiment that so touches his teacher that she gives him a perfect score for the assignment. How she isn’t shedding some tears right now is beyond us, since they’ve been flowing for us the moment Pornchai called out to his mom after running all the way from school to her.

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While we don’t feel the need to suddenly go out and buy life insurance, we definitely want to call our parents to tell them how much we love them, and apologize for being so ungrateful for most of our lives. Thank you Pornchai, you’re a superhero for us all!

Source: AOL News Japan
Screenshots: YouTube/Take Easy