Do you have ears? Do you wish they were a heck of a lot cuter? If so, we have the perfect product for you: Relax Cling Earrings! Featuring hedgehogs, chicks, and soaring birds, these animal-themed earrings are sure to please any pierced animal lover looking to make their earbuds twice as adorable!

Produced by the same company that brought us the Relax Cling rings, Relax Cling earrings feature the same realistic-yet-cute design style with a few new feathered faces.

▼ The long-tailed tit version is particularly darling.

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Released through a variety of retailers, including Village Vanguard, Rakuten, and Amazon Japan, each of the three pairs can be had for 1,620 yen (about US$13) plus shipping.

▼ Hedgehogs


▼ Chicks


▼ Long-tailed tits


Though Relax is a relatively new company—they were established in 2006 to sell watches—they’ve wasted no time in expanding from timepiece sales to offering all manner of novelty items.

▼ Including these bizarre car window sun shades…

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▼ …and their “light blade” umbrellas!


▼ They also double as incredibly awkward flashlights!


The adorable earrings are on sale now, and Village Vanguard referred to them as the first in the series, so hopefully we’ll get to see some realistic penguin earrings soon! You can find the umbrellas here and the sun shades are available here.

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Top image: Village Vanguard
Images: Amazon Japan, Relax