Brand-new line of Sailor Moon bikinis appears, has anime fans in Japan looking forward to summer

Mysteriously, two Sailor Senshi are being left out of the real-life beach party.

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New Pokémon earrings and hair accessories will have you looking Pikachu-perfect

Need something special to finish off your holiday party outfit? Let Pikachu and Eevee help.

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Unique and possibly creepy earrings by Taiwanese designers will make you look twice!

Wait, are those beetles on your ears? 

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Jewelry forged with Japanese sword-making techniques are a cut above the rest

These necklaces not only look extremely chic, but subtly show one’s love of the gorgeous swords/men from Touken Ranbu

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Kaiju chic – Godzilla fan creates amazing earring that lets King of the Monsters perch on her ear

Godzilla is known for making sudden appearances in Tokyo, but nobody at all expected him to show up here.

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Add some subtle shine to your outfit with these Cardcaptor Sakura earrings

Carry a part of the Clow with you when you wear these beautiful earrings.

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Gorgeous Japanese hiragana script accessories return with new words plus necklaces and bracelets

Language can be a very beautiful thing.

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Premium Bandai releases set of mix-and-match gold-plated Sailor Moon earrings

This mix-and-match five-piece gold-plated set is perfect for fans who don’t quite know which Sailor Moon character to pledge allegiance to.

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Adorable animal earrings: The perfect accessory for any nature lover!

Do you have ears? Do you wish they were a heck of a lot cuter? If so, we have the perfect product for you: Relax Cling Earrings! Featuring hedgehogs, chicks, and soaring birds, these animal-themed earrings are sure to please any pierced animal lover looking to make their earbuds twice as adorable!

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Bayonetta earrings a bewitching fashion statement, technically count as half a video game cosplay

Ever since her 2009 debut, debates have been swirling around video game character Bayonetta. Was her first, eponymous outing really worth the perfect score it got from notoriously strict video game magazine Famitsu? Is the character’s constantly provocative flaunting of her sexual and violent leanings empowering the character or pandering to juvenile gamers? Was making the sequel exclusive to Nintendo’s Wii U a wise choice? And does the gun-toting witch look better with her original beehive, or the shorter pixie cut she sports these days?

Just in case you’ve already decided which side of those discussions you’re on, here’s one more question to find your own personal answer to: Do you want to buy Bayonetta’s earrings?

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Second episode of Sailor Moon Crystal brings its second accessories with Usagi’s earrings

For more than a year, Japanese toy maker and merchandiser extraordinaire Bandai has been pumping out merchandise inspired by the original 1992 Sailor Moon anime. With the veil of secrecy finally lifted with the premiere of the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime, however, the company is now turning its attention to the most recent iteration of Japan’s most popular magical girl.

Coinciding with the premiere of the new series. Bandai released a series of five rings, one for each of the five Sailor Senshi. Now, fans can complement their fashionable fingers with a set of Sailor Moon Crystal earrings.

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“Geek & Cute” Accessories Made From Electronic Parts Are Actually Really Cool

Electronic resisters, condensers, LEDs, and circuit boards are just some of the parts used to make these really cute, yet totally geeky accessories.

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Turn Trash into Stylish Accessories with “Pick a Jewel!”

If you were a kid in the era of pull tabs on canned drinks, you must remember pretending that you were giving your friend a diamond ring when you placed it on their finger.  Maybe you collected pull tabs and made chain necklaces!  With a little imagination the pull tabs were beautiful pieces of jewelry, if only for a moment.

These days pull tabs have given way to stay-on tabs and, sadly, soda can accessorizing is no longer possible.

What is possible is making lovely jewelry out of items you’d normally throw away.  Things like paper, leaves, and netting can all turned into stylish jewelry with Pick a Jewel, a series of simple clip accessories that transforms trash into treasure—if you’ve got the creativity to use them!  

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