Wait, are those beetles on your ears? 

As strange as it may sound, that might be the question you’re tempted to ask when you see these earrings available from Japanese bookstore and quirky miscellaneous goods shop Village Vanguard.

As you can see, the earrings are designed so that the beetle’s body is divided in half, with the two parts of the body positioned in front of and behind your ear lobes. The resulting effect looks like the beetle is caught trying to squeeze through your earring hole! And the beetle looks quite real too — well, real enough to make you look twice, or possibly thrice.

The earrings, which are from the brand DOUBLE M created by Taiwanese designers MARC and MANGO, are made in the shape of kabutomushi, or the Japanese rhinoceros beetle, one of the most popular insects in Japan. The idea of using half of the beetle’s body as the earring back is brilliantly simple, but we have to say the item certainly delivers on visual impact.  Yup, if you’re seen wearing these, you’re not likely to be forgotten easily, although whether you want to be remembered as the person with the beetle in your ear might be a different matter.


And if you like little, crawly creatures, there’s more good news. There are also other versions of the earrings so you can have  different critters decorating your ears!

▼How about spider earrings, which look like they would be perfect for Halloween?

▼ And for those of you more comfortable with creatures with fewer legs, here’s the gecko version.

▼ They also have a bat necklace, which we think actually looks quite cool.


The earrings are available in Japan on the Village Vanguard online shop for 1,898 yen ($16.10), while the bat necklace is priced at 8,391 yen. And if you don’t live in Japan, but you’re really desperate to look like you have a beetle crawling through your ear lobe, then the beetle earrings are also available for international order on the Japan Trend Shop site. Enjoy the crawlies!

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