We’ve all experienced this frustrating situation–it’s a rainy day, and as if to add insult to injury, your umbrella suddenly decides to break in what has to be an act of sheer defiance against you.

Net users sympathized with the following clip posted by one such unlucky soul. It certainly looks like the umbrella is doing nothing but mocking him, since it only decides to open after flying clean off the handle!

Unless this exact situation has happened to you in the past few week and you’ve had enough of the confounded contraptions, give the short clip a watch and a giggle below.

It’s a good thing no one else was standing there, or else they would have gotten clobbered!

Here’s what some net users had to say:

“Oh my goodness!”

“Yep, this exact thing has happened to me.”

“My initial purpose was to protect you from wet [sic]…now I protect the ground from wet…”

“Is this some sort of new weapon?”

After watching the clip a couple of times, we realized that the unfortunate scene actually looks like a magical spell is being cast. Perhaps the handle was a wand all along…?

Source, yop image: Twitter/@d0107g