Simple anti-theft hack to protect your brolly from thieves.

Despite being a relatively safe country, where big-ticket items like laptops and phones can be left unattended, not nicking what’s not yours doesn’t seem to count in Japan when it comes to cheap umbrellas.

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of clever tips from people who’ve come up with special techniques to keep their umbrellas safe when leaving them in designated racks outside stores and businesses.

▼ It’s common practice to leave your wet umbrella outside stores that don’t offer plastic sheaths in Japan.

Now, Twitter user @Moopa22 is here with a new ‘pandemic edition‘ hack that’s so smart it might just work at any time of the year.

That’s right — all you need to do is stuff a crumpled-up tissue in between the handle and the edge of the canopy. The tissue is clean and unused, of course, but only you know that, because to others, it looks like someone’s blown their nose with it.

Nobody wants to touch a stranger’s snotty tissue, especially during a pandemic, and umbrella owners everywhere were quick to praise the clever idea, saying:

“What a great defence method!””
“This is great! Why didn’t I think of this before?”
“You could also wipe chocolate on it…”

“Surely nobody would ever want to touch that!”

This hack really is simple yet effective, and it’s one we’ll definitely keep in mind for times like the rainy season. Along with these other anti-umbrella-theft hacks involving stickers curses, and computer chips.

Source: Twitter/@Moopa22
Featured image: Pakutaso
Insert image: Pakutaso
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