parrot 05

Being a parrot is tough. You can easily get stuck in things, and you might find that repeating what the humans tell you can get you in a lot of trouble. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is against you.

But all that hasn’t stopped one parrot from doing everything she can to look her best. This little bird loves carefully tearing small pieces out of magazines and then stuffing them into her tail feathers, making her look like the fanciest parrot on the block.

Her Japanese owner managed to catch her doing it on camera, and you’ve got to see it to believe it!

Here’s the tweet that brought this amazing little parrot to the internet’s attention:

▼ “No one ever believes me when I tell them about her doing this.”

▼ Hey, what are you doing there, ripping up pieces of magazine?

parrot 01

▼ And, uh. why are you putting them into your tailfeathers?

parrot 02

▼ You can see the new paper-feather sticking out as she goes in for another piece.

parrot 03

▼ And then she shoves it right in with the other.

parrot 04

▼ Look at that smile as she gets ready for a third. You go girl!

parrot 05

While at first we thought that the parrot was doing this to make herself look bigger and tougher, either to attract mates or ward off potentially enemy-parrots, the original poster has suggested an entirely different reason:

▼ “I’m pretty sure that she’s doing it to collect material to build a nest with.”

And apparently it’s not just this one owner’s parrot who acts this way. Many other owners chimed in to say that they’ve seen their own parrots tearing apart newspapers and magazines and shoving the scraps into their tailfeathers:

“Oh man, my parrot used to do this all the time too. I miss her so much….”
“Yes! My parrot does this. I love when they look behind themselves and are like ‘what am I doing?'”
“Yup, I could never have anything made out of paper in the same room with my parrot. It’d get ripped to shreds.”
“My books are covered in parrot love-bites.”

So all you future parrot-owners out there, take this lesson to heart! It may be a good idea to house your adorable little pet in one room, and your treasured books and manga in another.

Source: Twitter/@shychihoko via Togech
Images: Twitter/@shychihoko