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At what height do you think the cute pup will stop shaking its owner’s hand?

If you’re lucky enough to have a pet, you’ll never have to be alone ever again. And you’ll never have to be bored either, as this cute pair are demonstrating to the world with their hilarious homemade hand-shaking championship. Koharu, the cute Shiba Inu at the centre of the clip, shows just how good she is at following her human’s commands to shake hands, but when that hand gets raised beyond a certain height, even obedient dogs have their limits!

▼ Take a look at the short clip to see how the championship plays out!

Koharu certainly gave it her all during the championship. She successfully cleared a height of 30 centimetres.

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And even reached the top height of the chart without a problem.

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Anything after that, however, meant nothing to Koharu, with the clever dog happy to keep the record within reasonable limits. After all, if she kept going higher and higher, there’d be no satisfying this human’s expectations!

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▼ “Are you kidding me, human?”

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Viewers have been loving the cute video, leaving comments like:

“Just looking at her face you can see how unreasonable she thinks those taller heights are.”
“What a weird experiment! She’s such a lovely patient dog to keep going with the game.”
“It’s interesting that she won’t go higher than her eyeline.”
“I wish my dog would do this! Mine won’t even give me her hand once when I ask for it.”
“I like how she declares the game finished by lying down at the end!”

The cute clip is just one of many the duo have been uploading to their YouTube channel, and Koharu is proving to be so popular she has her own Instagram and Twitter accounts, and even her own set of illustrated Line text message stamps.
If you’ve taken a liking to the adorable shiba inu, you don’t have to say goodbye to her just yet – you can check out the way she navigates her way through another experiment, involving an ever-shrinking box in the back of the car!

Source, Images: YouTube/Kohachannel