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Adorable baby goat doesn’t know how to drink from a bucket, dunks whole head in【Video】

This kid is determined to get as much milk as possible, and it’s darn cute.

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Adorable Shiba Inu melts into puddle of doggy bliss when her head is rubbed 【Videos】

“Oh yes human, right there, ohhhh yessss….”

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Curious cats are scared of vacuum cleaner, but brave enough to take an adorable peek 【Pics】

“Guys… there’s a monster in our house cleaning the floor!”

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Japanese anteater’s commitment to stealing other animals’ food is hilarious, inspiring【Video】

Never give up on your dreams… of taking other zoo animals’ lunch.

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Cute Japanese pet owl channels its inner-cowboy, rides a singing toy horse【Video】

When your body is made to soar and screech, but your soul longs for spurs and steeds.

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Japanese commercial shows off blissful world where cats outnumber people at the office【Video】

Wouldn’t your job be so much more enjoyable if most of your coworkers were cats?

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Smithsonian’s panda Tian Tian turns into adorable snowball rolling around in blizzard【Video】

As if we needed another reason to be jealous of their warm, fuzzy coats.

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Adorable parrot uses magazine scraps to enhance tail feathers, be the squawk of the town 【Video】

Being a parrot is tough. You can easily get stuck in things, and you might find that repeating what the humans tell you can get you in a lot of trouble. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is against you.

But all that hasn’t stopped one parrot from doing everything she can to look her best. This little bird loves carefully tearing small pieces out of magazines and then stuffing them into her tail feathers, making her look like the fanciest parrot on the block.

Her Japanese owner managed to catch her doing it on camera, and you’ve got to see it to believe it!

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Video of Japanese cats relaxing with chill snail friend will make you feel purr-fect happiness

Do you need a one-minute escape into pure cuteness bliss? Perhaps you had a terrible day at work or a really bad hair day?

Well don’t worry; it’s going to be all right. We have the cure for your stressful day: two Japanese cats hanging out with their snail friend. These laid-back cats and their chill snail buddy are one of the most relaxing videos we’ve ever seen.

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Stylish pup walks the street in China, rocks full outfit complete with hat and backpack 【Video】

Despite its questionable ethics, there are plenty of people who just love seeing animals wearing cute costumes in public. Whether it’s tiny, dapper meerkats or Shih-Tzus dressed as teddy bears, there’s seemingly no end to the crazy outfits some pet owners dream up. Blowing recent efforts out of the water, however, is this confident, sassy doggie from China which was caught on video strutting its stuff in public wearing a full “human” outfit and even wearing a fake backpack.

Prepare for another one of those “cute or creepy?” moments that the internet does so well.

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