Thirty years spanning fifteen iconic “final” adventures. Let the feast begin!

Who would have guessed that the last-ditch effort of a video game creator would spawn into the iconic series that fans all over the world know and love today? With the unforgettable cast of characters and stories along with the common themes and motifs that weave themselves through every iteration of the game, there is always something to adore in one of the most popular video game series ever. This year, 2017, marks the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy, so it’s time to roll out some cool collectible and edible memorabilia for this wonderful series.

The first item up for purchase…Cup Noodle Final Fantasy Boss Collection!

▼ What is a new collaboration Cup Noodle without an official unveiling presentation?

▼ Have you leveled up your hunger enough to take down each of the final bosses from Final Fantasy I to XV?!


It looks like video game developer Square Enix is looking to continue their successful team-up with the Nissin instant noodle company, following up on their collaborations for the recently released Final Fantasy XV. It seems this delicious partnership continues with fans slurping their way to defeat the antagonist from each version.   

Final Fantasy I: Chaos

▼ Final Fantasy II: Emperor

Final Fantasy III: Cloud of Darkness

Final Fantasy IV: Zeromus

Final Fantasy V: Exdeath

Final Fantasy VI: Kefka

Final Fantasy VII: Sephiroth

Final Fantasy VIII: Ultimecia

These collector’s edition Cup Noodles will be available for presale on February 1 from 10:00 a.m. Buying a complete set containing all 15 instant noodle packages will cost 6,085 yen (US$54), but that price might be irrelevant considering what’s in store for a lucky few. From those who pre-order this item, 30 lucky folks will be chosen to receive the ultimate prize of a 60 centimeter (23.6 inches) Ultimata Weapon Fork.

▼ One might call this a “swork”.


There are sure to be even more surprises and opportunities to spend all our money this year for the 30th anniversary celebration (hopefully we’ll see the releases of the Final Fantasy VII remake and Final Fantasy XII hi-def remaster. It’s certainly promising that the first item is food we can prepare in three minutes so we can focus our attention on binge-playing all the Final Fantasy games.

Source: Cup NoodleTwitter/@FF25_JP
Images: Cup Noodle