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Put on your nostalgia glasses, people: Square Enix has seen fit to grace us with one of its greatest non-playable endeavors of all time with a Final Fantasy XIII story recap done up in Super Nintendo-era graphics a la Final Fantasy VI – otherwise known as Final Fantasy III or The Best JRPG Ever.

Because this video compresses hundreds of hours of gameplay and hard-earned story revelations into a little under eight minutes, we must issue the most urgent spoiler warning we’ve ever issued, so JRPG fans who have for some reason not yet played the latest Final Fantasy be warned.

You’ll note the extreme faithfulness to the Final Fantasy VI style, up to and including the horrible dialogue – which we honestly don’t know whether or not is an intentional attempt at 16-bit era JRPG accuracy or an honest result of bad translation (“Yes, we can.” “Not without me you’re not!” [???]).

While we commend Square Enix for this great – and totally free – fan service video, we’re still a little sad that in our opinion it’s easily the best thing the studio has produced in 10 years in light of its recent mobile money-sapping simulators and rhythm games that they spent time making while they could have been remastering Final Fantasy VII instead.

Source: Hachima Kikou