People all over the world have heard of Okunoshima, popularly known as “Rabbit Island.” It’s a tiny island off the coast of Hiroshima overflowing with adorable little bunnies who want nothing more than to smother you with love and eat your food.

But on our latest trip to Okunoshima, we wanted to go one step further: we wanted to be covered in as many fluffy bunnies as humanly possible. And what better way to do that than by becoming a bunny ourselves? Read on to see more of our pink, furry excursion.

The first step in being smothered in bunny cuteness: acquiring the right disguise. We had to fit in with the rabbits and make them think we were one of their own kind, so we needed to get the most realistic bunny-outfit possible.

▼ Rabbits are pink, right? Yeah, this is perfect.


The next step was to get food to attract the bunnies. Thankfully local businesses nearby Okunoshima have stepped up their game to provide for the tourists. Case in point: one convenience store nearby sells actual rabbit food, something you’d be hard-pressed to find at any other convenience store in Japan.

▼ Attention tourists to Rabbit Island, we want your money!


So with food in hand and our one hundred-percent realistic bunny disguise, we boarded the ferry to start our mission to become one with the rabbits and achieve maximum cute. You can watch the video of our adventure here, or scroll below to check out some highlights:

When we first got to the island, the first thing that hit us was the same thing as most visitors: the sheer number of rabbits everywhere. You couldn’t look anywhere without spotting dozens of the little guys, but for some reason whenever we approached one, they ran away. How was that possible? Our disguise was so good….

But all that changed when we broke out the food. Suddenly we couldn’t keep the bunnies away. That’s when we had a realization: For the rabbits, food was like a form of communication. To further communicate and blend in with them, we had to become more like food.


▼ So we poured food all over ourselves and let the rabbits have their way with us.


▼ Within five minutes we were covered in bunnies – our stomach, head, legs, everything. We could feel their movements all over resonate through our body.


▼ We were truly becoming one with the rabbits.


▼ “And that’s when it hit me….”


▼ “Am I a human pretending to be a bunny? Or am I actually a bunny pretending to be a human?”


▼ “Geez, this bunny stuff is getting deep.”


▼ After the epiphany, we laid in the same position without any food to attract the rabbits, and yet they still came, caressing us with their feet and paws.


▼ After a little while though, we realized that it was probably just the smell of food on the costume that was still attracting them, and decided it was time to go home.


▼ …but not before being a total creeper at the playground.


▼ “Oh my god… this kid thinks I’m a rabbit. He’s going to give me food. I’ve done it!”


▼ “Or, uh, a high-five. That’s fine too….”


In the end, we didn’t become one with the rabbits like we’d hoped. But we still got covered in lots of bunnies, and almost had an epiphany…or something like that. Maybe next time we’ll have to try dressing up as a deer in Nara to find what we’re looking for.

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