This Year of the Rabbit, visit some of the best Japanese sightseeing spots related to rabbits

Real-life bunnies, bunny statues, bunny amulets, bunny mythology–make this year truly the Year of the Rabbit, through travel!

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Starbucks Hong Kong adds new bunny mugs and cups to its mid-autumn drinkware range

September is the month to celebrate the rabbit on the moon. 

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Twitter searches for the mysterious Shinsekis…and their potty-trained rabbit

A surprise message left in the walls of a home leads to a widespread search for the previous homeowners.

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Japanese Twitter user sticks googly eyes on pet bunny’s butt, accidentally creates monster【Video】

Has googly-eye science finally gone too far?

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Cuteness knows no boundaries with new bunny bags for all your small belongings

By keeping these adorable pouches full, you’ll never feel lonely again!

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People in Japan go crazy for bunny bread loaves from new Tokyo bakery

The cute and fluffy bread is proving to be so popular it’s been selling out as soon as it hits the shelves.

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The fate of jack-o-lanterns in Japan: to be adorably devoured by a writhing mass of bunnies

The ultimate in creepy-cute.

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Making trains meow-r fun: Japanese station master cats (and bunny!) strut their fluff【Pics】

Meet the five most popular (and fuzziest) train station masters in Japan.

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All the cutest, fluffy bunnies of Twitter are here to bring some cheer to your week

It’s time to take a break from that office report and treat your eyes to some floppy ears and cotton tails.

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Japan to release stamps so cute you’ll want to cuddle your mail!

These stamps may even make overdue bill statements seem less threatening.

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Adorable bunny pouches from Japan look like real, live rabbits!

Whether you use them as a pouch or a makeup case, now you can carry a sweet little rabbit around with you wherever you go!

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Cute Japanese bunny bags store your items and keep you company at the same time!

Not only do they look cute, they also feature a clever tie design that’s been used in traditional Japanese furoshiki textile art for centuries.

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Tottori’s shrines have some of the most adorable charms you’ve ever seen!

Attract good vibes in style.

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Twitter user posts video of swarming bunnies on Rabbit Island, we all wish we were there

“Ahhh! Attack of the Buns!”

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We visited Rabbit Island in a bunny suit covered in food, to become a rabbit ourselves【Photos】

People all over the world have heard of Okunoshima, popularly known as “Rabbit Island.” It’s a tiny island off the coast of Hiroshima overflowing with adorable little bunnies who want nothing more than to smother you with love and eat your food.

But on our latest trip to Okunoshima, we wanted to go one step further: we wanted to be covered in as many fluffy bunnies as humanly possible. And what better way to do that than by becoming a bunny ourselves? Read on to see more of our pink, furry excursion.

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Japan has rabbits that cosplay each fall…as other rabbits?!? 【Photos】

I think we can all agree that rabbits are already pretty adorable, right? And they’re much beloved in Japan, where they’ve got their own cafes and even an island.

But still, bunnies’ popularity regularly lags behind that of cats and dogs, so we could understand if they felt the need to step up their cuteness game. As a matter of fact, right now one breed of Japanese rabbit is winning new fans by appearing to cosplay…as another rabit?!?

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Sweet bunny pals relaxing in cups make us genkier than coffee ever could!【Videos】

Sometimes waking up is hard, especially when the seasons change and bed starts to feel snugglier than ever before. But wake up we must, and many of us have invented little tricks to make the process easier, such as blaring out our favourite songs, sucking down industrial-sized cups of coffee, and cooing over cute animals on the internet.

For your consideration today, we’d like to present a menagerie of of baby bunny rabbits twitching their little pink noses at you over the rim of a couple of coffee and tea cups. Pick your choice of bun “to go” and go get ’em, tiger. After you’ve watched the cute videos, of course…

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These bunnies have a Twitter account and you should be following it

For those thinking about becoming a pet owner, there are so many different animals to choose from. There are a lot of things to consider when you are making such an important choice; size, color, sex, breed, and of course the type of animal are factors you need to think about.

How about cuteness? Are you thinking about cuteness? Clearly some people are, because their adorable pets are winning them thousands of followers online…

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Wally the bunny with “angel wings” is here to spread cuteness, joy, and lots of fluff!【Photos】

Whenever somebody asks me whether I’m a “cat person” or a “dog person”, I feel slightly sad because it feels as if cats and dogs are the only domestic pets anyone really cares about. And things get even sadder when I answer that I’m a “rabbit person”, and the person who asked the question simply goes “oh yeah, rabbits are really cute”, and the conversation dies.

Well, sorry if rabbits aren’t “mainstream” enough for you, but this fluffy bunny with ears like an angel’s wings is stealing the spotlight today! Cats and dogs, make way for Wally the English Angora!

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