Big Chap, the terrifying extraterrestrial antagonist from the 1979 Alien movie, gives us a sneak-peek into his day-to-day life outside of the spotlight with this new set of detailed mini figurines.

While Big Chap was known for his terrifying size, the new figurines are absolutely tiny, with each one measuring up to only six centimetres (2.4 inches). On sale from April next year, they’ll be available in a random box set of two for 800 yen each (US$6.50) or you can get the complete set of six for 5,184 yen.

▼ The Headspin shows the alien in breakdance mode. When it comes to head surface, he’s got a clear advantage.


▼ The Squat has been described in Japan as “Big Chap looking for a coin”. We’ll let you be the judge.


▼ Auguste Rodin gave us The Thinker but here we have The Daydreamer. Don’t be fooled by the cute pose; there’ll be flesh-ripping daydreams running through that head!


▼ And Relax shows the Xenomorph’s television-watching pose.


▼ Who knew Big Chap would be a proponent for the relaxing practice of yoga?


▼ The Hang Down clips onto the side of your cup, parkour-style.


With Ridley Scott’s Alien quasi-prequel trilogy continuing without Big Chap, it looks like one of the most terrifying creatures in cinema history will be continuing in solitary retirement for the time being. We’re glad he’s got some new hobbies to keep him occupied!

Source: Culture Lab
Top Image: Kotobukiya
Insert Images: Kotobukiya