Try some Alien Soup from Japan, now with more alien!

It also comes in handy instant cups for those who want their xenomorphs on the go.

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New Alien mini figurine set shows Big Chap breakdancing, daydreaming and practicing yoga

Big Chap, the terrifying extraterrestrial antagonist from the 1979 Alien movie, gives us a sneak-peek into his day-to-day life outside of the spotlight with this new set of detailed mini figurines.

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Aliens scheduled to land in Fukuoka at the end of July!

Aliens. We’ve always speculated on their existence. Do they already live among us or are they waiting in space to make their appearance suddenly and violently known to us? We recently believed that they might be real with their sudden attendance at a baseball game earlier this year, but those aliens were ejected from the stadium and locked away before we could get their story.

Perhaps, we will now ascertain the truth! Five cousins of the aliens from Independence Day have crashed their brown, corrugated spaceship in Japan and finally we have the proof we’ve always longed for. More about why they’re here, how long they’ll be staying, and how we can learn more about them after the jump.

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Cappucino art that’s out of this world: Twitter cappuccino artist shows off his extraterrestrial skills

We’ve seen some pretty cool latte art over the years, but this might be the most, um, unusual we’ve spotted. It’s not exactly cute, but it certainly is out of this world!

From aliens to bunnies to Ghibli’s Catbus, this guy does it all in 3-D foam sculptures atop cups of coffee!

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Red rain creeps out South Asia, intrigues scientists

Like something out of a biblical tale or Slayer song, parts of India and Sri Lanka have been experiencing occasional rainfalls colored mostly red and recurring over several years. Sometimes the coloring is so deep the drops look like blood and can stain clothing.

Since the first modern fall in 2001, several scientists have followed their curiosity to find out what exactly is causing the red rain. Many felt they have come to a conclusion but for every proposed answer more questions seem to emerge.

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Would you like paper, plastic, or a Captured Alien for your groceries?

Soon to be released by Japanese novelty goods maker Cube is a pair of cute Captured Alien Eco Bags. These bags help reduce waste and make you look like you’re dragging a little green man away to a secret facility in Roswell, New Mexico. It’s win-win!

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Beautiful Japanese City Councilor: “I don’t wash my face or go to the bathroom”. Loses Job, Might be a Yakuza Alien.

Asuka Tachikawa, 27, famous for being a “beautiful city councilor,” has had pressure put on her to quit her job because she is actually an alien in disguise trying to ruin the city of Niizu in Saitama (near Tokyo).

Elected as a city councilor in February this year, the Saitama Prefectural Electoral Office has decided that her election is invalid because she may not have lived in the city for more than the required 3 months. In other words, she is an alien.

But what evidence do they have?
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