Check out this year’s mind-boggling edition of a now legendary synchronized group marching performance by Tokyo university students!

The annual exhibition showcase by students from Tokyo’s Nippon Sport Science University has become an annual event which people across the country look forward to year after year. Now in its 53rd year, the exhibition was recently held on November 11 at Yokohama Arena and featured live performances such as gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline jumping, as well as the perpetual crowd-favorite–synchronized group marching exercises.

The performance features a large number of students marching perfectly in sync to a highly choreographed, fast-paced 10-minute routine. The students line up in perfectly straight lines, make sharp 90-degree turns, turn their bodies at the exact same step, and effortlessly break into smaller groups, all while swinging their arms and legs in completely harmonized movements.

Perhaps the highlight of the routine is when the smaller tightly-knit groups walk towards each other and indeed pass through each other’s groups, only to stay in perfect formation with not a single crash the entire time. To top it off, they perform this feat not just once, but repeatedly, undoubtedly making the rest of us look like nothing more than a bunch of clumsy, bumbling baboons with two left feet.

See the magic for yourself in the video below:

Note: We’ve found that the above video is locked for some viewers in the U.S. and elsewhere. However, you can still enjoy the performance by watching the following video taken by a spectator at the event, which is visible for everyone regardless of location.

We don’t even want to think about how many hours of practice it took to perfect that routine. Any guesses?

Source: CuRAZY
Featured GIF: YouTube/kanaloco
Top image: YouTube/TKG19770503