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If you’ve ever had to attend one of your sibling’s high school gymnastics team performances and been bored out of your mind at all the jumping around and the bizarre Whose Lines is it Anyway/Clueless Gamerstyle grading system, and thought to yourself, “Man, I’d be much more entertained if this was set to the Attack on Titan theme song. And would it kill these guys to throw a fart joke in there?,” you’re in luck; because this genius Kagoshima Prefecture high school men’s gymnastics team delivers on all of that in spades.

The boys from the Kagoshima Jitsugyou High School gymanstics team have been on something of a roll the last few years, consistently picking up great scores at their competitions and almost always producing a viral video in the wake of their performances.

Most of their routines involve a slow, humorous lead-in – consisting primarily of silly dances set to classic family anime theme songs – that suddenly breaks into the manic bouncing around and triple axles or whatever of a standard gymnastics performance. I have no idea if triple axles exist in gymnastics, but RocketNews24 doesn’t currently have a high school gymnastics bureau; we’re working on it, but until then you get me.

Their most recent effort enjoyed an extra boost due to their timely use of the theme song from Attack on Titan, which the team – in a subversive move – played for laughs instead of going for the lower-hanging fruit of replicating the heroic leaps and swordplay of the anime. The section is brief, for sure, but it’s a perfect showcase of the team’s gymnastics and entertaining talent.

Check out a few more of the kids’ antics here:

Source: Curazy