One of the smoothest spontaneous collaborations ever witnessed.

Some of the most electrifying street performances have been known to occur when individuals who have never met before gather to make music, producing harmonious tunes that are often far better than organized bands.

Twitter user @funky_rhythm_ was enjoying groovy music being played by a three-member group of Japanese street musicians when the funky tunes caught the attention of a foreigner. Asking politely if he could join their performance, the gang obliged and launched into a rhythmic intro. The next few moments created a magical atmosphere for everyone present.

“A passing foreigner jumped into a group’s session for a wonderful
collaboration. He’s so awesome! Just who is this guy?”

Providing vocals in synchronized harmony with the music, the newcomer effortlessly belted out impromptu vocals as if he had always been part of the group. Supporting each other with soulful beats and velvety tones, it is easy to forget that the foreigner had just entered the performance a minute ago.

▼ Soon the guitarist, bassist and drummer went all out with dynamic solos.

▼ On a cue from the guitarist, the newcomer cleanly picked up where he left off.

The group and onlookers were all thoroughly enjoying the laid-back atmosphere by then, clapping hands and dancing and simply enjoying wholesome music for what it is, connecting each other regardless of culture or language.

The performance ended in applause and renewed appreciation for an art that transcended boundaries, for which Japanese netizens were glad:

“Stress-free people like him are so different from Japanese people.”
“Someone please use it in a car or Apple commercial. Even a coffee ad would be perfect.”
“I’m envious of their talents.”
“This is how bands should form.”
“Watching this makes me wonder why we have such things like countries in the first place. It’s amazing how we can understand each other even if we live in different places and speak different languages.”

No one knows the foreigner’s true identity, but one reply claimed he has been around Pai San in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, for about six years now, often collaborating with other performers to create improvised works.

▼ Here’s a clip of him singing You Raise Me Up with strangers from four years ago.

It is amazing how something like music can bring people of different countries, beliefs and cultures all together in a single moment. And it is thanks to people like him that we get to witness such miracles.

Maybe someday if we’re lucky, and if we keep your eyes peeled, we might just spot him providing his amazing vocals for the mysterious No-Face shamisen player.

Source, images: Twitter/@funky_rhythm_
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