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Two Chinese panda cubs giggle and coo as a zoo staff member cuddles and bathes them with a washcloth.

If you’re a panda, life is probably pretty sweet. Your only job is be lazy and look cute, and in return you get a lifetime supply of bamboo and personal care, as shown in this video of a female zookeeper washing two small pandas at a zoo in Shanghai.

These cubs appear to be enjoying themselves as they get washed up, tickled, and a snack to seal the deal. Who knew pandas liked watermelon?

Luckily these two are pretty keen on having their enclosure tidied, and don’t seem to mind moving out of the way or being picked up. Although both cubs appear to be no more than six months old, once they reach the 12-month mark they’ll average around 40 kilograms (88 pounds), making them almost impossible to carry around.

Working in a place where you’re able to play with cuties like these every day sounds like the perfect gig, at least until it’s time to clean up all that panda poo! On second thought, maybe one of these cute panda look-alikes would make a better pet.

Source: YouTube/Super Vine
Top image: YouTube/Super Vine