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We hope you’re ready for some vibrantneon-colored, vibrant and very “fishy-looking” sushi. You might not want to eat it yet, but it could be the food of a ninja-filled future!

Ninja Slayer started off as a set of fake Tweets from an imaginary English-speaking pair of story writers telling the story of a vengeful spirit. It has since turned into a whole slew of Japanese light novels, manga and an anime that wrapped up in October.

Despite all that content, fans are still clamoring for more ninja slaying action! One such fan has decided to fill that void with a very interesting-looking project, recreating the “bio sushi” that the ninjas eat in the dystopian future.

▼ We have two words for you: It’s edible!

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What you are looking at provides a super boost of energy to those who live in Neo-Saitama. And why wouldn’t it? The crazy colors make the sushi look so “energetic”, like they belong on a neon billboard outside a shop rather than on a plate. In Ninja Slayer, this bio sushi is obviously based on the normal sushi that we eat today, but only certain people can consume normal, “organic sushi”, while others can only enjoy this psychedelic version.

▼ We are always told to eat food with lots of colors

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Plenty of commenters remarked that they really wanted to give this bio sushi a try. And given that they say you eat with your eyes first, those commenters are clearly much braver than we are. Still, if you put enough soy sauce on it, it will probably taste pretty similar to regular sushi. Perhaps we will have to get our “iron gut” Mr. Sato to do a taste test.

Source: Net Lab
Top Image: Twitter/@mitragyna