When a fight broke out between the students of an Aichi elementary school class, their homeroom teacher tried to defuse the situation by imparting some wisdom. You see, kids, “naked men don’t make money, but naked women do…”

According to the Owariashahi School Board, at 12:30 on the afternoon of 19 November, two male sixth grade students were changing for PE in an empty classroom. At that time a female student who had already finished changing accidentally walked into the room.

The boys slammed the door shut to keep her out and a conflict emerged between all the boys and the girls. The boys accused the girls of being “perverts”, to which the girls responded that the boys were “stupid jerks.”

The argument was discussed in a special fifth period class held by the kids’ homeroom teacher. Realizing that this dispute was foolish to begin with, he broke it down with some real-world logic: “It’s not worth getting upset about. Naked men don’t make any money, but naked women make money.”

With that, class was dismissed. Thanks to a national public holiday, the students had a nice three-day weekend to let the teacher’s message sink in and perhaps ask their parents for clarification. Which, sure enough, they did.

On the morning of 24 November, the school received a call from a concerned parent.

After questioning, the homeroom teacher admitted that “I was trying to calm the students who were saying really hurtful words to each other, but I went too far.” He issued an apology to the students that morning and the board is currently deciding what to do with him.

Indeed the teacher did cross a line and probably should have tempered his message by pointing out that in fact, pimpin’ ain’t easy and by reminding students that they should not hate the player but actually hate the game.

And as far as naked men not making any money, he probably just doesn’t know the right men. Isn’t that right Mr. Sato?

Source: Yahoo! Japan News via Ceron (Japanese)