There’s a new megaphone in the works that can translate the speaker’s message into three languages—and people in Japan can’t get over how ‘Doraemon’ the whole thing is.

In preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Japan has been planning hard to prepare itself for the onslaught of foreign visitors expected to arrive. One particular area of concern for all involved is communication, with the Japanese notoriously lacking in the English department, in spite of their best efforts.

In normal situations, translation applications for smartphones as well as online translating services like Google will suffice. In emergencies, however, directing crowds and aiding the sick or injured requires something more efficient and reliable, which is where the Megahonyaku (メガホンヤク), a device which we introduced to you a couple of weeks back, comes in.

A merging of the words megahon (megaphone) and honyaku (translate), this megaphone-of-the-future picks up the speaker’s voice and can translate and broadcast the message into English, Chinese, or Korean.

Panasonic has already begun deploying devices to Narita International Airport in Chiba Prefecture, where most visitors to the Olympics will be alighting. The Megahonyaku will undergo testing from this month until March of next year.

Many netizens are pretty stoked about the news of this futuristic device, including a number of Doraemon fans:

▼ “The Megahonyaku is amazing!! It’s a gadget from the future!!”


▼ “The Megahonyaku makes me think of Honyaku Konnyaku”

▼ Doraemon and his Honyaku Konnyaku, or “Translation Konjac”, which gives you the ability to speak and understand any language when you eat it!


Image: Junk G

▼ “Doraemon’s world has become a reality, this Megahonyaku is amazing! If we have this, does it mean we don’t have to rely on our cell phones?”


Since its purpose is for use in disasters and emergency situations, we hope it won’t have to be relied on, but it would be cool to see it in action in other situations!

Now, about that dokodemo door

Source: grape
Top image: NAA via grape