Meet the cat with thousands of followers who can’t get enough of its adorably stern face.

There are cats that melt hearts with their wide, soulful anime-style eyes, kittens with markings that make them look like emojis, and even furry little felines who look like they’re welling up with tears. Then there are cats like this, who look like they’re going to rain down on you with furious anger and claw out your soul.

Named Koyuki, which translates to “light snow”, the nine-year-old Scottish Fold from Yokohama is more like an angry blizzard, freezing hearts with its icy stare and permanent scowl.

The markings on Koyuki’s forehead appear to create a deep furrow, making for a disapproving look which brings a tone of disdain to even the most ordinary everyday events.

▼ Box-play brings no joy.

▼ Daily grooming becomes a sinister-looking activity.

▼ Even sunshine isn’t enough to change Koyuki’s countenance.

▼ Sleeping appears to be an aggravating experience.

▼ And when it comes to administering medicine, you’d better approach with caution!

While a kitten peeking around a door might be adorable for some, here Koyuki looks more like something from the horror film “The Shining”.

Despite looking angry all the time, Koyuki is actually a well-looked after cat with more than 42,000 followers on Twitter and 15,000 on Instagram. That’s still not enough to bring a smile to this kitten’s face, but Koyuki’s fans wouldn’t have it any other way!

Source: Twitter/@moflicious h/t Curazy
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