According to Twitter in Japan, there are four main “personality types” when it comes to girlfriends: cat, dog, gorilla or penguin. Say what?!

We say that pet owners tend to resemble their little furry (or feathery, or scaly) pet companions when it comes to personality. It makes sense to choose an animal buddy whose likes and dislikes tend to complement your own. For example, if you’re a big ball of energy and value affection and loyalty, then it’s only natural that  you’d choose to spend your days with a dog. Whereas on the other paw, if you just love to stay home a lot, treasure your independence, and take a long time to warm up to people then you’re much more likely to vibe well with a cat. By now, you’ve probably guessed that many of RocketNews24’s writers belong to the cat faction, but there’re plenty of good arguments to be made for both types of pet. And, in fact, other animals too!

A four-panel comic that recently popped up on Twitter in Japan claims to identify certain traits unique to four types of girlfriend.  According to the comic, all girlfriends fall into either the cat type, dog type, penguin type or gorilla type. With over 37,000 retweets, it certainly seems to have struck a chord with Japan’s netizens, but let’s take a look at the comic and see how many (if any) of these characteristics ring true!

First, here are the characteristics that define the Dog Girlfriend:

● Suddenly gets affectionate and squeezes boyfriend hard
Says what she’s thinking openly
Sniffs boyfriend’s scent to her heart’s content
● Tilts her head in reaction to just about everything

And here are the Cat Girlfriend qualities:

● Sleeps with her defenses down
Pretends not to care but is secretly jealous
Wants to be affectionate but doesn’t know how to express it
Gets close and cuddly when hungry

Hmm, we’re definitely seeing some parallels between these types of girlfriends and our fave pets! But what about some more, um, exotic animals?

Behold, the Penguin Girlfriend!

● Reacts calmly to every situation (dialogue text: He probably hasn’t texted back because he’s busy with work.)
Thinks critically about her own behaviour (dialogue text: Perhaps I was out of line there… seems I messed up…)
Is surprisingly bold (dialogue text: hey, hurry up and kiss me!)
Likes to relax (dialogue text: I’m a penguin… I can’t fly…)

Penguin Girlfriend seems like an easy-going type! But let’s move on to the final type – the Gorilla Girlfriend!

● Gets mad out of nowhere and slams her fist down on things
Says what she’s thinking openly (dialogue text: when I see something I want it all)
● Discounts things that would lower her boyfriend’s “score” in the relationship
(dialogue text: I’m  prepared to forget about x and y.)
Often tilts her head when boyfriend does something wrong

So, there you have it – the four types of animal girlfriend according to one Twitter user! Whether or not we agree with all of the points made, we have to say this is a pretty adorable four-panel comic. Hopefully someone will come up with an equivalent “Four types of animal boyfriend”.

If you’re currently as single as a spare sock, then which type of animal girlfriend would you like to date the most? And ladies, which kind of girlfriend are you? Let us know in the comments!

Source and images: Twitter/@joker_ringo