This girlfriend went all out to give her Splatoon-loving-boyfriend the birthday meal of a lifetime!

Nintendo’s Splatoon franchise may be relatively new in the world of multiplayer third-person shooters, but even with only two games in its roster it’s already amassed an army of fans doing adorable Splatoon cosplay and making “Splatoonone of the most searched words of the year.

One such Splatoon fan received an extra-special birthday surprise when his girlfriend, in her own words, “went all out” to prepare a tasty and beautifully presented meal entirely themed around her bae’s favourite game series.

▼ “It was my boyfriend’s birthday so I went all out.”
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Let’s take a closer look at what they made.

We spot inkling hamburg steaks, “Clam Blitz” clam chowder,  “Salmon Run” themed salmon caviar, squid rings, and is that a Crusty Seanwich fried-shrimp sandwich? It looks identical to the ones available at the in-game Crust Bucket food truck!

And there’s a special birthday dessert as well as inkling amiibos and even hand-drawn Splatoon paper figures!

In response, a few others added tweets with photos of their own Splatoon-themed edible gift efforts:

▼ “I also went all out for my little brother’s birthday,
but you way outdid me! I have a lot to learn!”

▼ “I made these for my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, too!”

We hope these fellas have at least an inkling of an idea of how lucky they are to have such creative and considerate chefs like these in their lives! It’s certainly a lot better than that one wife who threw out her husband’s anime collection.

Source: Twitter/spla_konbu via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/spla_konbu