We all know Ryogoku is sacred ground for sumo wrestlers, but this is bordering on ridiculous!

In Japan, Ryogoku in Tokyo is synonymous with Kokugikan, the local stadium where the main Grand Sumo Tournament takes place every year.

It’s a sacred place for sumo wrestling so it’s not unusual to come across sumo-related signs, imagery, and even wrestlers in the area. However, what’s being spotted in the area at the moment is far from usual, as it involves a larger-than-life sumo wrestler lying on the station platform.

▼ This is the view from Platform 2 at the station.

▼ What the heck is a wrestler doing here?!

Even by Japanese standards, a sight like this is surprising, especially with the way the wrestler lines up to appear as if it’s lying beneath the roof of Kokugikan, which can be seen just behind it.

Scanning the scene in an attempt to get to the bottom of the matter, the true reason for the sumo wrestler’s dramatic appearance is eventually revealed. As it turns out, this is a huge advertisement for Sanctuary, the Japanese drama series about a boy who becomes a sumo wrestler, which is currently being streamed on Netflix.

The giant sumo wrestler is an eye-catching way to bring attention to the series, and it makes good use of the station’s “Phantom Platform 3“, so-called as it’s no longer in use as a train platform, instead being used as a special space for events like sake-tasting pop-ups.

The wrestler actually depicts the main character from Sanctuary, Enno, albeit on a much larger scale of around 25 metres (82 feet) by 2.8 metres.

The statue is not only huge but also elaborately made, with beautiful details extending to the iconic mage topknot…

▼ …and determined fist, which we wished we could stand next to, to give you a sense of its massive size.

The drama itself appears to be impressing viewers as much as this wrestler at the station, having entered Netflix’s top 10 series ranking in more than 50 countries and regions around the world. In Japan, it’s ranked in the top spot for a number of days since its 4 May release.

Alas, the giant sumo wrestler at Ryogoku is not a permanent fixture, as it’ll only be in place until 28 May. So if you’d like to catch a glimpse of the guy, be sure to stop by — preferably outside of peak morning and evening rush hour periods to avoid crowds — and you’ll be able to enjoy the very ‘only-in-Japan’ scene. You won’t see anything like this anywhere else!

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