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Sometimes, the line between “fashionable coutfit” and “ice cream bar” is a little blurry.

Spring and summer are the seasons that come to mind for most people when they think of fashion. Bright colors, light materials, showing off some skin, that’s what fashion is all about, right?

Wrong! Autumn and winter are more than just jackets and snow pants. There’s a special kind of allure that comes with colder fashion – hoodies, sweaters, long pants, and the like. We’ve seen before that sometimes covering up a bit can make you more attractive, so if that’s the case then winter should be the sexiest time of the year!

Nothing illustrates this better than one popular tweet made by Japanese Twitter user @yu1096. He spotted a super “hot” outfit in a store that he had to share with the world. What is it? A bikini? Lingerie?

Nope. It’s a sweater dress.

▼ “Women of the world! Please, just wear this with some black tights!”

For such a simple tweet (and outfit!) to get almost 10,000 retweets, it must have struck a chord with people. Here’s what Japanese netizens had to say:

“Yes! Yes please!”
“I second that motion!”
“Ah, but it’s too cold to just wear that.”
“It’s so white. What would happen if you spilled soy sauce on it?”
“Sigh, this only applies to twenty-something women who are already attractive.”

Opinions were certainly mixed, but then another Twitter user, @inax_mrn, decided to take it to a new level with a tweet that was even more popular than the original:

▼ “On curvy women it looks cute, but a woman with no chest who wears this would end up just looking like a Home Run Bar.”

For those unaware, a Home Run Bar is a vanilla/chocolate ice cream bar popular in Japan. They typically look like this:

Calling someone an ice cream bar seems a little harsh. Although, at the same time, ice cream bars are delicious, so I’m not quite sure if this is supposed to be an insult or not….

Still, some netizens had issues with the “Home Run Bar” label, and one went so far as to show that everyone looks like an ice cream bar when wearing the sweater dress outfit:

▼ “I think even a busty girl would look the same if she wore it. Here’s my drawing to show she’d look like an ice cream bar from the side too.”

Whether the sweater dress makes someone look like an ice cream bar, a polar bear, or anythhing else, honestly it’s none of these people’s business. Why don’t we all just wear what we want, get some ice cream already (because all this talk has made me hungry), and just call it a day?

▼ Oh, and if you call anyone an ice cream bar, expect to get punched.

Source: Twitter/@yu1096 via Togech
Top image: Twitter/@inax_mrn (edited by RocketNews24)