It looks like we’ll be getting an early taste of tropical summer thanks to Häagen-Dazs Japan’s latest sweet offering! 

Häagen-Dazs Japan have just released a new flavor in their popular line of  Crunchy Crunch ice cream bars, and it looks yummy enough to drive us positively nuts. That’s right, their new ice cream bar is filled with coconut goodness!

Yup, it’s a coconut lover’s dream dessert, made of coconut ice cream covered with coconut coating and coconut cookie crumbles!

They apparently started working on this item a year ago with the aim to create a Crunchy Crunch ice cream bar that would be particularly appealing in the summer. What they came up with was their first coconut flavored Crunchy Crunch bar designed to evoke a tropical image, using an ingredient with an attractive texture.

▼ They also made sure that the blue package, illustrated with plumeria flowers, has a definite tropical feel.

Häagen-Dazs Japan have also shared cute pictures featuring anthropomorphized ice cream bars on their special Crunchy Crunch Coconut webpage to show how the item is made.

▼ They start with an ice cream bar made with coconut cream and extra-virgin coconut oil to  capture the rich flavor and mild sweetness of coconut.

▼ The ice cream bar is then coated with white chocolate containing coconut oil … yum!

▼ Finally, it’s covered with cookie crumbles mixed with dried coconut shreds, which are sure to add a delightful texture. Okay, someone stop us from drooling here!

They’ve also posted some enticing images on their Instagram account as well, and we have to say, it looks irresistible!

The Crunchy Crunch Coconut ice cream bar is available at supermarkets, convenience stores and department stores across Japan for a limited time at a price of 294 yen (US$2.60) . If you want a taste of tropical paradise while in Japan, this certainly looks to be an appetizing way to cool down this summer!

Source: PR Times press releaseHäagen-Dazs Japan Crunchy Crunch Coconut webpage
Top image: PR Times press release
Insert images: Häagen-Dazs Japan Crunchy Crunch Coconut webpage