New Japanese furisode kimono sweaters combine traditional fashion with modern streetwear

The comfiest Japanese kimono you’ll ever wear.

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Virgin-killing sweater from Japan now has new designs to show off more of your busty assets

The iconic garment has evolved, with stunning new peek-a-boo cut-out details to slay more virgins.

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Male cosplayer’s virgin-killing sweater photos have Japanese Internet enthralled all over again

Women are still modeling the sexy outfit too, but today this buff cosplayer is stealing the spotlight.

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Japanese fashion fans and fan artists go gaga for sexy “virgin-killing sweater”

Ultra-revealing sweater may not be all that warm, but it sure is hot, as is the anime-style artwork it’s inspiring.

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The winter look that drives Japanese men crazy: sweater dress with tights

Sometimes, the line between “fashionable coutfit” and “ice cream bar” is a little blurry.

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Winter is here! Get your sweaters ready!

With winter comes a new season of fashion. Great for the ladies and gentlemen out there with the cash and time to prepare a fancy wardrobe. From beautiful gloves to sexy-but-warm coats, there’s something for anyone who looks.

But there’s one item of clothing that, despite how warm and comfy it is, no one should ever be seen wearing in public: the novelty sweater.

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