Internationally acclaimed contemporary artist Takashi Murakami has returned to Japan with a long-awaited exhibition and Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills is celebrating with a cafe that offers up his art in edible form.

It’s been 14 years since acclaimed contemporary artist Takashi Murakami last put on a large-scale exhibition in Japan. Now he’s finally here again and showing off some incredible works at Roppongi’s Mori Art Museum, with his 100-metre (328-foot) mural, “The 500 Arhats”, acting as the grand centrepiece.


As an homage to the artist, who’s often likened to Andy Warhol, a new cafe space is set to open up in Roppongi Hills featuring a colourful interior and cute drinks and edibles based around Murakami’s signature flower theme.


The “Ohana Cafe” (“Flower Cafe”) will be open for a limited time between December 28 and January 31.


Inside there will be an explosion of Murakami’s trademark pop covering the floors, walls and tables, with some of the artist’s cute Roku Roku Seijin characters hanging from the ceiling to greet customers.


And on the menu, there’ll be a number of delights that are almost too adorable to eat! You’ll have to get in early for some items, which will only be made in limited quantities per day.

▼ Limited to 50 per day is the Flower Roll Cake, which features a happy topping of raspberry cream for 700 yen (US$5.75).


▼ The Flower Mousse tastes like berries and looks absolutely divine. Only 20 of these will be made each day for 700 yen each.


▼ And you can drink Murakami’s flower too, with this cute latte for 650 yen.


▼ For something more substantial, there’s the 1,250-yen Flower Burger.


▼And only 20 omuraisu (rice omelette) plates will be available each day for 1,200 yen. That’s the brightest, happiest omuraisu we’ve ever seen!

Flower Dish

There’ll also be some limited edition goods available for sale in the shop, like this one-metre (39.4-inch) wide flower cushion for a whopping 62,370 yen.


The prices for plush versions of two of Murakami’s cute Seijin Characters, Shacho and Pi-chan, are yet to be determined. Here’s hoping they’re more affordable than that huge flower cushion!


We can’t wait to step inside the cafe when it opens for a taste of flowers to brighten up the dreary winter months. Until then, enjoy this video of Murakami with his good friend, musician Pharrell, who visited the artist in Tokyo ahead of his exhibition opening and wasn’t afraid to try on some bright costumes and even a flower hat!

Source: Roppongi Hills Press Release
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