A Japanese YouTuber randomly selected a quail egg from a pack bought at the supermarket and gave it to her parakeet, not expecting it to hatch into the cutest little baby quail ever!

When you buy a carton of eggs from the grocery store, it’s expected that they’re unfertilized, and if they’re stored in the refrigerated section as they are in the United States, there’s no way they would hatch even if you tried to incubate one from a carton that you purchased.

In Japan, however, eggs aren’t refrigerated prior to being sold, as fresh eggs can last around one week at room temperature due to their natural protective layer (which is usually washed away in the US before they go on sale). Even still, you aren’t likely to find an egg that’s fertilized, which means YouTuber LUNA ANGEL must’ve hit some egg jackpot.

According to Luna, one randomly-selected quail egg from a pack purchased at the supermarket was given to her parakeet Pi-chan. Maternal instinct kicked in, and Pi-chan nested the egg as if it were her own. Some time later, she reports, the egg hatched, producing an adorable yellow-and-black fuzz ball of a baby quail!


Meet Yuzu, not much bigger than a bottle cap, but packed with enough cuteness to melt your heart!

Need some more of this little hatchling? You can find more videos of Yuzu over at LUNA ANGEL’s channel.

Source and images: YouTube/LUNA ANGEL via grape