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At some point we all let our fandom get the better of us…

I’m sure we’ve all stood in front of a 70-inch TV, tasteful neon beer sign or ridiculously expensive and enormous computer chair and tried to convince ourselves that it’d fit into our home without too much trouble. Often, our desire to own something big and shiny or items related to our favourite film, anime or video game series clouds our judgement somewhat, to the point that we end up making purchases that we know in our hearts we’ll regret almost immediately, but still we hand over our credit cards and tell ourselves it’ll all be fine.

Mistakes don’t come much bigger than the purchase Japanese Twitter user BMC recently made, however.

Posting a series of photos of not one but two positively enormous (we’re guessing life-size?) inflatable pokémon characters online, the pokéfan seemed tremendously excited by the arrival of their new inflatable friends, despite the fact that just one of them took up the entire room.

▼ “It came! My giant Dialga!”

(Click the images to enlarge)

▼ “Lugia from the side”

Yeah, those are going to make doing, well, pretty much anything in that one-room apartment difficult, BMC. Still, as long as you’re happy, buddy, that’s all that matters!

Source: Twitter/bmc_dragon; h/t Kotaku US
Screenshots: Twitter/bmc_dragon

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